The key to a successful backup and disaster recovery plan is having more than 1 point of failure

Backup point 1:  On-site

On-site backup is the most important part of your recovery plan.  Choose a Network Attached Storage appliance or a true backup server

Let us create a 100% uptime and cost-effective on-site backup plan for your company so you can grow confidently

Backup point 2:  Off-site

Off-site backup to our data center provides sustained, stable and quickly recoverable data protection in the event your facility is compromised

Come over to our data center to learn what options are available for your Business Continuity plan

Backup point 3:  Secondary replication

For the highest level of backup and disaster recovery, we will replicate your off-site backups to our secondary data center

You can never backup your data in too many places.  We’ll help you determine how many replications you need

Why Choose Accelera IT?

Success Story

Recovering from malicious software

Streets of New York Restaurants depends on their Windows servers from early in the morning until late at night  With the popularity of on-line and mobile device ordering, Streets of New York needs to provide instantaneous feedback to 1,000’s of customers every day.  A malicious code got onto their system via a phishing scam and took some servers off-line.  Accelera IT Solutions provided real-time remediation remotely and on-site within a few minutes.  The malicious code was stopped and our field team was on-site recovering their ordering systems to a new computer in time for the dinner rush.

Veeam Backup and Replication Solutions

Veeam Backup and Replication software provides an award-winning end-to-end solution  for local and off-site backup.  Accelera IT Solutions is a Veeam Cloud Connect partner and has extensive experience is creating and implementing backup plans for businesses of all sizes.  We understand that the key to your Business Continuity strategy is being able to recover your data quickly and completely so you can access it from anywhere.

Client Testimonial

“We have been working with Accelera IT Solutions for the past 4 years. We have found them to be very professional and extremely good at what they do. There is a certain comfort level to know someone is managing the computers and servers at our 26 restaurants and corporate offices. Updates are added to the computers on a timely basis. I would highly recommend them to anybody in need of this service.”

Rick Peterson, Chief Operating Officer

Request a free analysis of your IT needs

We’ll take the time to understand your IT and business plans and projects.  We aren’t pushy and we’ll make sure you feel comfortable with the process of determining if we are the right match for your company.

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