19 07, 2021

Are You Protected Against Internal Cybercrime Threats? 

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Are You Protected Against Internal Cybercrime Threats? Whether they mean to or not, employees can greatly weaken a business’ cybersecurity – so what’s the best way to eliminate the threat they pose? Did you know that more than 90% of cybersecurity incidents can be traced back to human error? The fact is that what you

10 06, 2021

President Biden Signs Cybersecurity Executive Order

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President Biden Signs Cybersecurity Executive Order — Impact On Phoenix? President Biden recently signed an executive order into effect, concerning the development of US cybersecurity capabilities. Do you know what the executive order covered, and what it means for your organization? Check out our latest video for a rundown:  What’s Covered In This Executive

6 06, 2021

How Does Downtime Affect Your Organization?

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How Does Downtime Affect Your Organization? A key aspect of managing an organization is implementing efficient processes and reliable productivity standards. Without question, IT plays a huge role in the efficiency of an organization. Case in point: IT downtime costs organizations huge sums of money yearly and can also be a leading indicator of even

13 02, 2018

The danger of one password for all your accounts

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"It is so much easier to have one, hard to guess password for all my accounts" said a good friend to me a few weeks back. I agreed with him that a single password is easier for managing all the websites you visit on a weekly basis. At last count, I had 32 different websites

13 02, 2018

Don’t use any free public Wi-Fi

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More and more restaurants, cafes and other retail businesses are offering free wireless access for your mobile device. Although it is a nice gesture to give their loyal customers free Internet access, it has become a hotbed for hackers to gain access to your laptop, phone or tablet. So why shouldn't you use free public

13 02, 2018

New Ransomware acts like a Windows Update

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Hackers are getting more bold and more creative in an effort to get your money. A researcher at AVG (the anti-virus company) has discovered a new strain of Ransomware (a term given to malicious software that encrypts all your files and demands a ransom to get your files back) named Fantom. If you don't pay

27 01, 2018

Accelera IT Solutions partners with Cyberverse

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Accelera IT Solutions announced that their network operations center and data center space have been moved into the new Tier 3 Cyberverse - Aligned Data Center facility. Accelera IT Solutions, a premier managed IT services provider with clients in several western states, had been looking for office space and data center space for their expanded