The danger of one password for all your accounts

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"It is so much easier to have one, hard to guess password for all my accounts" said a good friend to me a few weeks back. I agreed with him that a single password is easier for managing all the websites you visit on a weekly basis. At last count, I had 32 different websites

Don’t use any free public Wi-Fi

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More and more restaurants, cafes and other retail businesses are offering free wireless access for your mobile device. Although it is a nice gesture to give their loyal customers free Internet access, it has become a hotbed for hackers to gain access to your laptop, phone or tablet. So why shouldn't you use free public

New Ransomware acts like a Windows Update

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Hackers are getting more bold and more creative in an effort to get your money. A researcher at AVG (the anti-virus company) has discovered a new strain of Ransomware (a term given to malicious software that encrypts all your files and demands a ransom to get your files back) named Fantom. If you don't pay