Hardware is an investment and the means to accessing your data. We’ll help you to achieve a higher hardware ROI

Server management

The most critical part of your IT infrastructure, servers need continual monitoring, maintenance and on-site support. We monitor over 20 data points for every server including temperature, hard drive health, memory usage, data access, power supply health and more. Constant monitoring and support will ensure a long life for your critical servers.

Desktop and laptop management

The main interface to your corporate data and programs, desktops and laptops have unique needs including overall health, virus and malware monitoring, connectivity to other network devices and even securing them to avoid theft. Our hardware monitoring and support plan includes every service necessary to keep your staff productive

Mobile device management

As mobile devices become more ubiquitous, they are requiring more attention including pushing out approved apps, locking and wiping lost devices, geo-location management and more. You need to have a dedicated and thorough Mobile Device Management plan to ensure your sensitive data¬† doesn’t “walk out” with a mobile device.

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