Business Continuity Services

Disruptions in your business can happen at any time. Cybercrime incidents, natural disasters, and accidental or malicious data loss can be detrimental to your business. Business continuity is all about having a plan to deal with such interruptions so that your company can continue with its operations with little or no friction.

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Business Continuity Services

Business Continuity Services

An excellent business continuity plan considers potential threats to your business and analyzes their impact on your day-to-day operations. It also makes it possible to mitigate these threats by providing a framework that allows the critical functions of your business to continue even when the worst happens.

Accelera IT Solutions provides a business continuity strategy that will see your company recover fast from any disruptions. We help you achieve this by keeping your data accessible regardless of what happens.

More Than One Point of Failure Plan

More Than One Point of Failure Plan

In any business, a single point of failure (SPoF) is a solitary problem that can lead to your entire business's demise by shutting down your business systems. These types of failures can happen because of malicious activities, vulnerabilities in the systems, and a lack of knowledge and experience. In other cases, they are because of equipment failure or natural disasters that bring operations to a halt. Security breaches that could have been prevented are also sources of SPoFs.

Besides, we know that given time, every IT element will fail. For example, databases will lose their integrity, hard drives will become corrupt, and connections will become unreliable. The problem is that you never know when that will happen.

Partnering with a managed service provider shifts a large portion of your business IT risk to the MSP. The outsourced service provider becomes responsible for ensuring all security details are well-handled. The only risk your company has to deal with is choosing a proven, reliable, and high-quality provider. However, you can easily overcome this risk by partnering with Accelera IT for Business Continuity Services.

How Accelera Protects Your Business Data and Information

How Accelera Protects Your Business Data and Information

Having a business continuity plan means being prepared to ensure you will have the capability to continue with your business operations when an emergency happens. Accelera IT provides preventative maintenance and proactive monitoring to help mitigate potential disasters from single points of failure.

One way we do this is by creating data center redundancy. This concept applies in many levels across many technologies, depending on the scope of your business systems. We will back up your databases and also replicate them offsite for additional security.

We understand how risky it can be to keep all your data infrastructure in a single data center. By putting up redundant connections, we are sure that your business is prepared should one of them go down.

Besides, we also provide automation services to improve the reliability and performance of your IT networks and systems. With the power of artificial intelligence and automation, it's now easy for failover actions to occur immediately, either by replacing the failed systems or switching over to redundant elements.

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Why Work with Accelera IT

Accelera is always available to offer the support you need as soon as you need it. Whether your technology requires us to be on-site several times a day or once a day, our technicians will always show up without fail. We will always be present to solve the problems we can't handle remotely. Scalable on-site support is one part of our programs, ensuring we get you back up and running in the shortest time possible.

By working with us, we will fortify your company from the inside out to help you build a solid IT infrastructure to weather the harshest technology storms. Talk to us today and schedule a consultation for business continuity services.

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