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Using technology shouldn’t be frustrating

The ultimate goal of technology is to allow you to do more with less.  If your technology is reducing productivity and costing too much, it probably isn’t being implemented, managed and updated correctly.  Managed IT services encompasses a whole range of solutions to make sure every aspect of your technology is increasing productivity, reducing expenses and helping to attract and retain quality employees.

Even if you have an IT department or a single IT person who works with your company on a regular basis, Accelera IT Solutions can help make them more productive.  We act as the Network Operations Center for several companies to augment existing IT personnel, allowing them to concentrate on the most critical issues, all while increasing internal and external service levels.

As a managed IT services company, Accelera IT Solutions is your partner in the ever-changing world of technology.  Contact us for a no-obligation meeting on how a proactive IT services program might be what your company needs to get to the next level.

Data is the lifeblood of your business

We often tell our clients that data is their baby. Protect your data at all costs. You can lose a computer, server or network switch and they can all be replaced. Lose your data, and you could lose customers, money or even your entire business.

A good data protection plan creates “multiple points of failure”. If you lose a hard drive, you can fail-over to your on-site backup. If your local backup fails, you fail-over to the backup we maintain for you in our secure data center. And, since we backup and replicate your data multiple times each day locally and to our data center, you can be assured that no matter what happens, you will always have access your data.

Accelera IT Solutions specializes in Business Continuity solutions which creates and manages a plan to always have access to your data. We work with your key staff to create this plan and make sure your staff knows what to do and what happens in the event of a loss of a server or the loss of your entire office.

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Every time your computers go down, you lose time

Having a thorough hardware monitoring plan is essential to protecting your data and having access to it from anywhere and at anytime you need it. Whether you use desktops, laptops, high-end workstations and servers or mobile devices, our Hardware Monitoring plans provide key insights into your network infrastructure.

We install a small software app on every device on your network which reports back, in real-time, every facet of the system being monitored. We can tell if an employee attempts to load an unapproved program, or if a hard drive is starting to fail, etc. Having this type of real-time data moves you toward the ideal goal of 100% uptime for all your hardware.

Accelera IT Solutions provides expertise in managing your hardware since our parent company, Nova Mesa Computers, is a premiere builder of performance business computers and all our technicians train at Nova Mesa to learn the ins and outs of hardware installation and management. Let us mange your hardware to ensure you are maximizing he value of your compeer hardware and network infrastructure.

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Securing your programs and data is a full-time job

This is the topic that keep us awake at night. Cyber-crime is becoming a very lucrative business and data equals cash in the on-line world. Without a carefully developed and executed plan to protect your data, everything can unwind with just a click of a mouse.

Accelera IT Solutions specializes in IT security and we have the experience to back it up. We manage the security for companies in industries such as medical, financial, construction, hospitality and more. Our experience across these many industries helps us to learn patterns for cyber-crime as well as how better to train your staff on avoiding problems in the on-line world.

Contact us so we can assist you in determining the issues in your current IT infrastructure and create a remediation plan to ensure a great balance between security and convenience. We’ll also help with training programs for your staff and determining what equipment changes you may need to be industry compliant.

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Connectivity is king for smooth communication

With the rapid expansion of data and the need for constant Internet access, your network is stressed more than ever. Are you using the correct router, switches, cabling and related connectors? Most of the new clients we take on for IT services don’t have a “Best Practices” network setup and many parts of their networks run slower than originally specified.

Accelera IT Solutions has setup hundreds of networks, from standard office settings to large corporate campuses and in data centers. Our experience will ensure that your network architecture is future-proofed and ready for expansion, whether in a single office or in multiple offices across the country.

As a managed IT services company, Accelera IT Solutions takes a special interest in your network as we understand the importance of correct planning, implementations and on-going maintenance. Let us help you determine the correct network structure and how to implement it with redundancy, ease of management and cost-savings in mind.

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Don’t let your projects control your business

From software installations to compliance requirements and linking multiple offices and job-site, there are a number of projects that your company will undertake to increase efficiencies and to better secure your network. Our staff has over two decades of experience in creating, planning and implementing technology at all levels and we truly understand all facets of the project management process.

Accelera IT Solutions is often hired to work with various vendors to bring a larger project to life. Instead of tying up your staff and resources, we will take your vision and make sure all vendors perform on-time and on-budget while ensuring the correct amount of future-proofing for the project. If you can conceive it, we will get it working.

Our full-service, proactive IT services plan is a comprehensive program to help you to see IT as a profit center. With our experience managing a full range of IT projects for businesses of all sizes, we’ll work to show you how Accelera IT Solutions can be a valuable partner.

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Don’t spend valuable time waiting on answers

Our clients really enjoy this aspect of our Managed IT Services program as they no longer have to spend time on the phone (mostly on hold) or back and forth email, etc. in order to work with a software or hardware vendor. You simply tell us what you want to accomplish and we work directly with all your vendors to maximize your productive time.

In most cases, your hardware and software vendors would prefer to work with your IT company as we can access or servers and individual desktops, off-site storage, etc. to process your repair requests quickly. Whether it is Microsoft or a line-of-business application, your VoIP phone system, network cabling repairs, custom software changes, etc., we will allow your staff to concentrate on their highest and best use.

As a managed IT services company, Accelera IT Solutions is your partner in the ever-changing world of technology. Contact us for a no-obligation meeting about how a proactive IT services program might be just what your company needs to get to the next level.

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