Co-Managed IT Services

Co-Managed IT services are a customized set of ongoing IT services and support that are offered to organizations with IT departments to help co-manage every aspect of IT support.

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Co-Managed IT Services

Co-Managed IT Services

Relinquish, elevate, and empower your internal IT team by utilizing Co-Managed IT services to supplement your existing IT resources.

Co-Managed IT services are a customized set of ongoing IT services and support that are offered to organizations with IT departments to help co-manage every aspect of IT support. Not only will Co-Managed IT services save your organization money, but they can also enable your IT team to be more efficient and effective, giving you better IT support and better protection against cybercrime, ransomware, interruptions, and IT-related compliance concerns.

Benefits of Co-Managed IT

Benefits of Co-Managed IT

  • Access to IT capabilities, which would otherwise take years and costly investments to setup
  • Scale your internal IT operations without adding to your labor overhead
  • Access to skillsets and expertise without costly overheads
  • Lower your total cost of ownership.

With Co-Managed IT, you will enjoy all the benefits of a skilled internal IT department without any of the complexities and pitfalls. Accelera IT Solutions provides IT capabilities that will empower your existing IT department.

You Never Have To Worry About

You Never Have To Worry About

  • Scaling your IT department as your company grows
  • Prolonged lifecycle commitments
  • Filling IT gaps with new hires
  • Poorly managed or failed projects
  • Expenses that are not properly managed
Make Virtuality a Reality with Co-Managed IT

Make Virtuality a Reality with Co-Managed IT

There are numerous ways that your organization can excel with a Co-Managed IT partner. For organizations that are struggling to find an on-staff CIO or CTO, there is the option to implement a solution that will deliver optimal results.

CIO/CTO services begin with identifying key challenges. The Accelera IT serves as consultants to help organizations on their journey to successfully defeat each challenge. CIO/CTO services are also developed around establishing clear processes that will leverage available resources to achieve set outputs. Communication and collaboration are crucial to successfully manage the resources your organization needs to implement effective strategies and manage growth.

In today's digital environment, organizations of all sizes are faced with economic and compliance challenges. The growing reliance on technology is a driving force for innovation. CIOs and CTOs must be business leaders who have the skill sets and knowledge to greatly apply new technologies. IT leaders must be able to:

  • Make innovation a reality and not just a vision
  • Have a clear understanding of ROI and how it relates to IT
  • Transform the organization's impact on IT

While every organization could benefit from the knowledge and services of a CIO/CTO, not every organization can afford the expense, and not every organization understands what it should look for in an in-house CIO/CTO. Accelera IT provides our clients with CIO/CTO managed services. These services give organizations access to the services of both a CIO and CTO.

How Accelera Works With Internal IT Departments

How Accelera Works With Internal IT Departments

Through our IT consultants, your organization will benefit from straightforward services, effective collaboration, and top-notch advice. Our entire team has the knowledge and skillsets that make us capable of delivering IT solutions that are tailored to meet your current and future needs. For many organizations, supporting today's IT demands is increasingly challenging. When your internal IT staff is spread too thin, our Co-Managed IT Services model is designed to help internal IT departments be more successful.

We understand that growth and increasing demands can put too much pressure on an IT department. Our Co-Managed IT service model will supplement your existing IT. The reliability and security of your IT infrastructure are crucial, and they should not be ignored. With Accelera IT as your Co-Managed Services partner, your IT infrastructure will always meet the demands of security, support, and compliance requirements.

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We take the time to understand your organization and IT environment to pair your needs with the best technology and services.

We will design and develop the best cost-effective solution to support your organization. Tell us about your internal IT-related challenges.

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