Do You Need Expert Cybersecurity Advice?


written by Matt Bullock posted on September 28, 2021

Expert Cybersecurity Advice

You can’t afford to cut corners on your cybersecurity. You need real expertise backed by years of experience to ensure your systems are properly protected against today’s cybercrime threats.

Accelera IT Solutions will be your vCIO, offering expert insight and guidance for your current and long-term cybersecurity.

There are two primary reasons why you need to strategize your business’ cybersecurity:

The bottom line is that you can’t afford to assume that you’re safe from cybercrime — you need to know for sure, and you can’t do so just by investing in a firewall and forgetting about it.

Do You Have An Expert Strategizing Your Cybersecurity?

Any effective cybersecurity posture requires expert and skilled management from the top down. Usually, that’s what a Chief Information Officer (CIO) does for a business like yours. They’re a vital part of your business’ direction, helping to plan and strategize the future of your technology to make sure it fits the growth and development of your business.

Do you have one?

With each step your business takes in becoming a more developed and profitable operation, you should be confident that your IT systems can stay ahead of your growth. One-off IT consultations can be expensive and produce inconsistent results and without the appropriate advice, your technology may fail to meet the needs of the next stage of your business.

Did you know that you can “hire” a Virtual CIO (vCIO) at a fraction of the cost of hiring a CIO?

What Is A vCIO?

A CIO provides an invaluable service for your business. It’s their job to understand your organization completely and offer strategic IT planning, analysis, and overall IT management aligned with your business’ goals. This is a key factor in effective organization-wide cybersecurity.

Finding an experienced CIO that is willing to carry out executive-level duties on a small business salary is a near-impossible task. Payscale estimates the current average salary for a CIO in the US is $157,557.

Can you afford that? Many businesses can’t afford to hire someone to fill this position — but just because the resources aren’t there, it doesn’t mean that the need for CIO services isn’t there either.

The solution is to get a vCIO to execute all those tasks but as a cost-effective, outsourced service.

Here’s Why You Should Choose Accelera IT Solutions For Expert Cybersecurity Consulting

Our team of cybersecurity experts offers:

  • Business Experience: As vital as knowledge of IT is to the services your IT team delivers, business acumen is just as important. Understanding, from firsthand experience, what your needs are, and the challenges it puts up with every day, allows us to better match the right solutions to your obstacles.
  • IT Experience: We will help you capitalize on the most beneficial security capabilities of modern technology, and avoid the ones that aren’t worth the money. The IT industry is full of new developments, each of which could be a real, beneficial trend to invest in — but it’s more likely to be a gimmick that won’t achieve much in the end. Telling the difference can be difficult, but it gets easier with time. We have seen countless IT fads come and go. Not everything is the “next cloud” — those with the right experience and expertise will know the difference.
  • Carefully Chosen Technologies: We will discuss the technologies you use every day, and make sure they’re supported properly. We offer industry-specific expertise needed to make sure your systems are properly secured.

What Will Your Accelera Virtual CIO Do For Your Business?

A virtual CIO will help your business in so many ways, including:

  • An Expert Resource: Our technology expertise will supplement your business acumen to create more value from your business as a whole, and not just from your IT investments.
  • Long-term Planning: We help you to develop long-term IT plans that take into account important factors like your budget, projections, customer and employee needs, technology obsolescence, and business goals to guarantee that your IT infrastructure will always support the changes your company undergoes.
  • One Convenient Rate: As a virtual CIO, we don’t demand a full-time salary or any of the other expenditures that come with an actual C-level executive employee. By fulfilling this position through a service, you save money and benefit from a single, easy-to-budget monthly rate.
  • Optimal IT: Tomorrow quickly becomes today; when you plan effectively for your future, you’re ensuring that you’re always prepared in the present as well. Not long after an Accelera IT virtual CIO joins your operation, you’ll soon see the benefits of proper planning take effect in your business’s daily work environment.

Accelera IT Solutions Can Be The Expert Virtual CIO You’re Looking For

Our team has the expertise and experience you need to totally offload your cybersecurity concerns. We’ll manage your IT environment, keeping everything up to date, secure, and optimized.

Don’t let your cybersecurity suffer, and don’t assume you have to handle it all on your own. You can start improving your cybersecurity in three simple steps:

  1. Book a meeting with our team at a time that works for you.
  2. Let us assess your cybersecurity and address any vulnerabilities we find as your virtual CIO.
  3. Get back to focusing on your work, instead of worrying about your cybersecurity.

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