IT & Network Security

Experts from Accelera IT Solutions are highly skilled in implementing effective and reliable security plans. We also constantly monitor how well they work.

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IT & Network Security

IT & Network Security

Computer security breaches are common, and while some are minor, others are catastrophic. As you work over a network, all the data that passes through it relies on security measures to prevent anyone but the intended recipient from accessing that information. When your networks are not secure, your business information is at risk of being exposed and misused.

IT and network security refer to a combination of steps that help prevent unauthorized access to your IT infrastructure and networks. Once you secure your networks, your employees and the devices connected to the network can work without experiencing data breaches.

To effectively secure your network, you need a complex combination of hardware devices, including firewalls, routers, and anti-malware software applications. Experts from Accelera IT Solutions are highly skilled in implementing effective and reliable security plans. We also constantly monitor how well they work.

Why IT and Network Security Is Important

Why IT and Network Security Is Important

IT and network security are crucial for your business environment because:

  • Network security protects your data: business data is something you should treasure and secure by all means. It comprises your financial data, marketing materials, and everything else that makes your business what it is.
  • It protects your client data: your business stores sensitive information that doesn't belong to the company. Keeping this data safe is your business responsibility, which includes backing it up and preventing unauthorized access.
  • You need to protect the computers in the network: if your computer and other devices are connected to unsecured networks, they become highly vulnerable to external threats. A single attack can bring down your business system and compromise your data. A network security specialist can help you stay away from such threats by assuring the security of your networks.
  • It stabilizes the network connection: network activity can become too challenging in an unprotected network environment, leading to unstable computer networks. Eventually, this will make the entire network vulnerable to external attacks.
How Accelera Helps Secure Your Network and Information

How Accelera Helps Secure Your Network and Information

Accelera IT provides various IT and network security measures for your business:

  • Upgrade your operating system and anti-virus software: we will ensure your security enhancements don't operate on out-of-date templates, a factor that makes them fall short in their performance. We will schedule fixed upgrades to fix the weak spots with the necessary patches.
  • Set access controls: we will help you set password-protected access controls to ensure only specific individuals can access specific sets of data within your network.
  • Employ cloud storage and hybrid enterprise: with a hybrid cloud system, your data will be more diversely stored and hence harder to breach. However, you will still have access to all the digital resources your business needs.
  • Regular data backup plans: a comprehensive data backup plan is your last line of defense if a data breach happens. It will allow you to access crucial business data and continue with your operations.

We also conduct IT and network security assessments to find the most pressing security holes in your networks. Further, we take it upon ourselves to train your employees on IT and network security for effective data management.

The Importance of a Complete Perimeter and Internal Network Security Strategy

The Importance of a Complete Perimeter and Internal Network Security Strategy

Having a complete network perimeter creates a boundary between your internal network and the internet and gives you an edge over what you can control. It serves as a virtual wall that allows some aspects of your network while preventing others, depending on the rules and policies.

Since you heavily rely on your business devices to stay connected, there's a need to ensure you have adequate network security. The concept of network perimeter helps your company think strategically about protecting internal and externally connected business devices from security threats.

Elements of a Robust Network Security Solution

Elements of a Robust Network Security Solution

For a robust network security solution, Accelera IT experts will provide you with comprehensive security solutions. The elements of a strong network perimeter include:

  • Border Routers: routers serve as the traffic signs within your networks, directing traffic into, throughout, and out of networks. The border router is the last router under your company's control before traffic passes to an untrusted network, for example, the internet.
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS): these function as the alarm system for your business network. They work by detecting and alerting you about suspicious activities.
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS): unlike IDS, IPS software attempts to automatically defend your network against external threats without your intervention.
  • Firewalls: Firewalls come with a set of rules that specify the traffic they should allow or deny to pass through your networks. They work by picking up from where your border router leaves off, and are much better at filtering traffic.
  • De-Militarized Zones (DMZ) or Screened Subnets: these refer to small networks that contain public services connected directly to the firewall or other filtering devices for added security. Segmenting the DMZ limits the effect of a breach on your IT infrastructure and network.
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