Veeam Solutions Provider

As a Veeam partner in the Phoenix Metro area, Accelera IT Solutions offers our clients a fast and reliable data protection solution, with full recovery of applications and data in just a matter of minutes.

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Veeam Solutions Provider

Veeam Solutions Provider

Following the recent high-profile ransomware attacks, destructive cyberattacks are now considered one of the biggest threats to businesses and organizations of all sizes. The implementation of reliable data protection will be the difference-maker for businesses and organizations that want to avoid losing their sensitive and valuable data and getting back online without experiencing significant downtime.

As a Veeam partner in the Phoenix Metro area, Accelera IT Solutions offers our clients a fast and reliable data protection solution, with full recovery of applications and data in just a matter of minutes.

What is Veeam

What is Veeam?

Founded in 2006, Veeam has become one of the worldwide leaders in data management and data protection, doing business with over 180 countries, with more than 400,000 customers worldwide, and offices in more than 35 countries.

Veeam is compatible with a wide range of physical, virtual and cloud-based systems – including Microsoft 365, AWS and Microsoft Azure – to help any business or organization enhance its data protection to handle today's challenges and any challenges that may arise in the future.

In comparison to other backup and recovery solutions, Veeam offers:

  • Full recovery – Restore specific files and applications or a full copy backup image
  • Minimal data loss – Minimize data loss through continuous data protection updates
  • Reduced downtime – Minimize downtime with full recovery in a matter of minutes
  • Data protection monitoring – Real-time visibility and real-time statistics will allow issues to be addressed in little time
  • Greater flexibility – Obtain the flexibility you need with a platform that integrates with all major platforms

Veeam aims to provide real-time solutions that meet the needs of your business and budget. Veeam enables businesses to:

  • Manage physical, virtual, and cloud-based workloads
  • Restore entire individual files, entire VMs, and anything else in between
  • Recover application items from backups or without having to restore the whole VM
Why Work With Accelera IT as Your Veeam partner

Why Work With Accelera IT as Your Veeam partner?

Establishing secure backups is at the forefront of your journey to data protection so that your business can successfully address any current or future obstacles of file corruption, accidental data deletion, or cyber attacks. Accelera IT takes the stress and unpredictability out of transitioning to a new platform. Our Veeam experts will ensure your team is properly prepared to deploy the supreme data protection strategy your business needs.

With the capabilities of Accelera IT and Veeam, your business can protect any system or platform, customizing security to ensure compliance requirements are met, ensuring every backup is available when you need it.

Accelera IT and Veeam together provide the following benefits:

  • Backup creation faster than the competition
  • Recover individual items in a matter of minutes without the need for intermediate steps
  • Improved efficiency and cost savings when modernizing backups from legacy systems
  • Simplified digital transformation while ensuring data is secure
  • Comprehensive backup and disaster recovery for all files and applications
  • Comprehensive monitoring of physical, cloud, and virtual environments to identify and resolve issues

When you put your trust in us as your Veeam partner, you will have peace of mind in knowing the monitoring and management of your backups are safe and secure in the hands of experts. When you are at the end of the rope with internal resources, Accelera IT can deploy a Veeam Backup and Recovery application that will protect your data.

Accelera IT reliable cloud data backup services

Are you ready to start your journey to modernizing your data management and backup and disaster recovery?

Do you want more information about how Veeam can work for your business? Accelera IT knows Veeam and we know how to make it work for your business. We have the experience to help you grow and succeed.

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