President Biden Signs Cybersecurity Executive Order


written by Matt Bullock posted on June 10, 2021

President Biden recently signed an executive order into effect, concerning the development of US cybersecurity capabilities. Do you know what the executive order covered, and what it means for your organization?

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What’s Covered In This Executive Order?

This order, signed on May 12, 2021, is meant to improve US cybersecurity for infrastructure and government networks. Given recent incidents like the SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline attacks, cybersecurity policy and strategy are more important than ever.

This executive order covers the following considerations:

  • Removing barriers to threat information sharing between government and the private sector.
  • Modernizing and implementing stronger cybersecurity standards in the federal government.
  • Improving software supply chain security.
  • Establishing a cybersecurity safety review board.
  • Creating a standard playbook for responding to cyber incidents.
  • Improving detection of cybersecurity incidents on federal government networks.
  • Improving investigative and remediation capabilities.

What Can You Do To Improve Your Cybersecurity?

Enhancing your cybersecurity can be as simple as following these three steps:

  1. Make sure you train your entire staff as to what to look out for. Cybersecurity defense starts with every employee, so be sure to invest in the training of your team now.
  2. Conduct a thorough cybersecurity assessment of all your business technology.  Review all the findings, and make improvements where needed.
  3. Make sure you test your cybersecurity defenses regularly and make sure everyone in your business is tested on their cybersecurity readiness.

Need Expert Cybersecurity Guidance?

Don’t let your cybersecurity suffer, and don’t assume you have to handle it all on your own — Accelera IT Solutions can help you assess your cybersecurity and develop a plan to bring it up to par.

You can start improving your cybersecurity in three simple steps:

  1. Book a meeting with the Accelera IT Solutions team at a time that works for you.
  2. Let us assess your cybersecurity and address any vulnerabilities.
  3. Get back to focusing on your work, instead of worrying about your cybersecurity.

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